Fortnite STW Guide

Ryzen 2600 3.9ghz
Nvidia GTX 1080 2.1ghz
Windows 10
16 GB 2933mhz DDR4

Settings: 4K Maxed, locked 30fps, vsync enable.

So far I’m suitably impressed with Fortnite. I’ve noticed some fairly middling reviews from a few outlets which is understandable however so far I’ve found myself somewhat more engrossed with the tale and the characters this time around than I have been with previous entries. The acting quality is top notch this time around and the character models are impeccable in certain scenes leading to CGI film like quality facial emotions in real time cut scenes. It’s impressive stuff for sure but all of this comes at a price. An extremely hefty rendering load sort of price. Using my heavily overclocked 1080 I cannot push past 40-42 fps in 4k even with modest settings enabled. I’ve therefore opted for 4k maxed with the 30fps lock enabled which my 1080 seems to happily maintain even in hectic situations.

As with all Nixes ports though this PC version is peerless in it’s extremely high level of functionality.

The Direct X12 implementation here is literally where the future of this API should be going, huge gains over DX11 and greatly increases the use of mulitithreaded CPUs meaning your Ryzen chip won’t be going as underutilized as in some DX11 titles. Really goes to show how beefy these Ryzen and Intel multicore chips are when used to their fullest potential and I very much hope to see more of this in the future. Many people ask me did you buy fortnite save the world? Well, the answer is no. I used this youtube video:

It feels like a smooth 30 and there has been zero frame pacing issues at all which makes the game feel very fluid despite the lower FPS. It’s highly subjective whether you’ll want to play this way however and you should find yourself in safe territory playing at 1440p or 1080p with the likes of a 1080 or 1070 and be able to push out 60fps if you dial back settings a bit. The reason I opted for more fidelity and lower fps is purely because the game is stunning and I feel like it benefits from the likes of contact shadows and HBAO+. After all, this is the sort of game in which you really want to be immersed in the locations you go to so it made sense for me. The game is very costly on your system to run but is by far and away one of the best looking games you can play right now so it seems like a fair trade off

Fortnite Lets Play

Fortnite has gone though a big improvement graphically with wonderful scenary visiuals and setting. But to be honest, its boring. It feels fluffed out, too many sections where you are effectively doing nothing or key pressing a few times to fill in a cut scene or just some actions so simple that it makes you wonder why the player needs to press the buttons. The game has a mixture of different elements for you to play and yes, this is not a full on action running and shooting with the usual mix of puzzles and traps , but even more reason to keep it flowing and it just doesn’t. I kept trying to skip through or hoped it would get to the next bit quickly . I’m sure many wont feel the same, but I would have expected game development. It’s really up to you if you choose to purchase in the game currency “vbucks” to buy those skins. However, I did find a new way to on this channel for free. He does How to get Galaxy Skin for FREE 🤑 FREE GALAXY SKIN 🔥

Gameplay has some glitches and bugs here and there, especially when you are in the middle of grabbing a ledge while jumping from one platform to another which is not pleasant as it ruins the thrill of that particular moment. Apart from several tombs that actually made me think on how to solve the puzzles, there was not much of a challenge there. I particularly enjoyed the one where you find a spanish ship trapped in a cave. Storyline is not bad. The setting – Peru is also a good choice, although comparing this game to its predecessor , i realised that i was more intrigued about the previous installment than this one in terms of the storyline and location. Having said that i like the historical part where you learn about the conquistadors and where you visit the old church in San Juan. In terms of weapons and upgrades i can say i like the variety of weapons that you can aquire during the game. I am not particularly thrilled about the costume and outfit category.It should either be fully customizable – like in a RTS game where you can equip gear for each major part of the body – head, torso, wrists, legs, feet, and have extra optional gear rather than use their system – one full costume or another costume made from two pieces. I would have preffered a bigger setting – and more freedom to explore. More side quests and a larger map. I do like the combat and the graphics althoug they could have done a better job in that departmet especially in the graphics part. But in the end it is an enjoyable game and you do get satisfaction from playing it .

Apple iOS 12 Gaming Review

The story is formulaic fantasy trope, though, the combat is excellent and some of the characters are fun. B+ on these accounts.

But, the inventory management and the crafting are game-breaking. I realize this was probably fixed with mods but I am not going to restart after having sunk dozens of hours. The result is that I am about 80% through the game and I do not have the will to continue. I had to force myself at a few points thus far and I do not think I can do it again. Not to mention, I already got half-way through on the PS4 and abandoned the game because these same issues were even worse without a mouse. I would jailbreak your iOS 12 device though: iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered – How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE 

Every half level or so, I have to go through the inventory to separate out the crafting components, sell off the trash, craft, improve, do another round of sell offs. They made bartering and crafting real skills, not auxilary skills, meaning that I have two toons storing mats, crafting, and selling. This also means that I have to switch my team mates back and forth to do the craft and sell grind and to see whether anyone needs an upgrade. This takes about an hour. As an adult with a familiy and a life, an hour might be my entire gaming session. Furthermore, the game will let you sharpen weapons indefinitely without producing any improvement and without telling you that the item has been improved.

Also inventory-wise, it is not uncommon for the mouseover text to pertain to the item that is currently behind the inventory window rather than the item pointed at.

All of these issues could be easily fixed with interface. I think maybe the point is to go along with the “old school” vibe but these things are not flavor, they are nuissances. Speaking of interface, I hear the horrible journal system persists in the sequal.


After playing this Shadow of the Tomb Raider I started appreciating Pillars 2. I thought I disliked that game…
Now the game looks great, apart from combat. Everything is on fire and red and blue all the time. I disabled outlines but nothing really changed, I don’t even see what’s happening.
The story seems interesting, although I don’t really like any of the characters. But still, this seems to be the one positive thing about this Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
Why can I have only 4 characters? Even if everything else were perfect, this would make me dislike the game.
Now regarding tactics, I don’t want to get into details. The two kinds of shields are really strange. I have no idea what the different classes mean, what kind of classes my companions should be, and combat is generally too hard.
So all in all the game is not fun. A shame, I wanted to like it. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Free Download



I have been playing this Shadow of the Tomb Raider. for a while now by downloading it illegally before moving to buying it.
I have finished it once and then after buying it I’ve found a nice community on Discord to start a 4 people co-op campaign.
It was one of the most amazing experience i’ve had since Paper D&D.

From there, since DE, i’ve re-started a game with a controller and I love it.

The game is definitely one not to miss and I can’t press anyone enough to try it out.

Elder Scrolls Blades is Amazing on the New iPhone XS Max!

well since i have completed the elder scrolls game many times,
without mods/ co-op with a friend.
still busy with friends vanilla and with mods ( not quite done yet ),
that this game is a great game for RPG fans and has a big replayability if you are willing to try different things
different starting characters/tactics adding some mods like double enemies and enemies in places that are empty
together with ofcourse some class mods that make this balancing and the rebalance mods that introduce mini bosses that are (when you kill them) a relieve and an achievement in it’s self with unique items
let’s not even talk about the mod crafting overhaul because it’s too much.

I am very much interested in the new ios and android game for mobile devices that is out now…. yes the new apple announcement today said the game is already out and there is a tutorial on youtube how to do it…. The Elder Scrolls Blades iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD – How to download ESO BLADES!

Definitely watch that tutorial if you want to play ESO Blades with me!

in short a great game and many replay abilities.

My wife and I are currently on a run through, my wife, my best friend, and I are all currently on a runthrough. I am on a solo run through. I am just loving running through this game. I’m a dwarf and my best friend is talking dragon. Friggin love this game gangstas.

Skull trooper the best skin in fortnite?

Fortnite is a solid experience with a lot of QOL improvements to the series that maake it a lot more welcoming to new players. At launch it suffered from constant connection issues, but I havem’t experience those in the last weeks. A commonly stated annoyance is having to wait for a cutscene to play before inviting friends in story missions. This is irritating, but pretty easy to get past, as it really only lasts into the first bit of gameplay and you will have toio much fun hunting to notice after a bit. It’s lacking some PC performance QOL things like ultra wide screen, and it’s very much a console port, but it plays way better than on my PS4, and I can hunt with my friends. Solid game. Solid fun. Oh and you can get the old fortnite skins here: How to get Skull Trooper Skin & Scythe for FREE on Fortnite! 🔥 Get OLD SKINS on Fortnite! 😁

For about 11 years to this date and can safely say, that World delivers almost everything I ever dreamed of since killing my first big monster on the 2004 original.Normally I really don’t care about graphics that much, but Monster Hunter is a game, where pretty graphics and sound design really help to transmit the feeling of epicness and thrill.And yes, the graphics and sound design are glorious, even more in comparison to every other title in the series.The forest sounds enchanted and mysterious, weapons sound and feel realistic as how you expect them to and every part of the wilderness is filled with details such as little animals, shortcuts, tracks or collectibles.The 14 weapon types still play as you expect them to, with some additiones here and there.Combat feels drastically more fluid, especially because of improved dodging mechanics.But not only combat became much better, Capcom also worked out minor issues.You’re now able to collect stuff on the go without standing still, drink potions while you walk, eat in the base camp of a map and so on.

Spider-Man Worth a Buy?

This has to be one of my favorite roll playing games of all time.

The freedom you get when it comes to gameplay and character builds is unparalleled and it’s story while generic is dark and gripping enough to justify story and gameplay decisions of any kind. It feels the closest to playing D&D with my friends than any other game I’ve played in the last decade and that means the world to me.

I can’t say enough good things about this Spider-Man Marvel game, If you’re a fan of role playing games you deserve to try this one out.

Amazing, immersive game with so many story options and side quests and twists and turns that you get far more than your money’s worth. I’ll be revisiting this game for the 3rd time soon, and assume I will be hit with an entirely new playthrough. Plus you can also get the new spider for free, it’s really that easy just follow this tutorial:

His twitter.

One of the best RPG’s out there. There’s a few minor problems, specifically in a couple side quests that end lacklusterly or even one that has no conclusion. Those aside, this game is fantastic and any RPG fan should play it.

One of my favorite spider man games of all time; the story is good (not exactly ground breaking or incredible, but solid) and the gameplay, combat, and freedom all combine for a very enjoyable game well worth multiple playthroughs.

Is Skull Trooper the most sought out skins in fortnite?

Fortnite has a huge playerbase, with over 150million players which most of them started this year in 2018. Some of the rarest skins in fortnite are ones that linked to holiday promotions such as the skull trooper. Although this youtube channel managed to find a way to get the that skin for free. Here’s his video showing you the guide.

It is definitely the easiest way to get yourself those old fortnite skins for free!

Fortnite has smooth gameplay with a huge map,
its not hard to survive disregarding player killing,
raiding the airfeild and bunkers is rather easy and will get you endgame gear in <20min.
the developers are clearly doing a lot of work,
sembalence of a story and designed atmosphere that is being built on.
Almost everyone shoots on sight.

I would continue to play this game even if the developers stoped now.
the fame points and world events seem like a promising system, I look forward to the updates!!

disclaimer; i have always been a fan of the arma 2 dayZ mod with all its flaws (this is way less flawed).

Dragon City iOS Review

-Fast paced gameplay once you get through the cutscenes.
-Massive variety of weapons to master, and tons of minor aspects of each weapon to perfect.
-Upgrade trees for days, between both armor and weapons this game does not run out of things for you to get and reasons to hunt
-Unique monsters, especially as you near end game they branch out and become more challenging
-Satisfying multiplayer
-Monsters do not get boring
-Audio is fantastically designed, as are the animations, making the greatsword feel like an actual slab of metal and the resounding crunch of attacks connecting is music to my ears.
-Managed to cut out a vast majority of farming via the botanist
-Occasional disconnect can ♥♥♥♥ up a good run but I hope they fix that soon
-Monsters can be painful to grind once you’ve already far surpassed their skill level, namely the early game ones if you are looking for a non-tempered high rank monster
-Not for people who don’t like grinding for rare parts. Reminds me a lot of Diablo or warframe but it brings a much more intense gameplay style to the table.
-DLC isn’t out yet but nothing to be done about that.

First Dragon City I have played, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best games I have played in a long time. Now if you need some free gems in game check out this youtube clip: dragon city hack

Coming from a background primarily of CS GO and Overwatch and transitioning to a more casual style game it is still an exhilerating game to play. I have dumped so much time into it since its release 2 weeks ago, and have yet to grow bored. I can 100% say it is better to play with friends. As someone who usually plays DPS in his FPS games, I find that playing support is equally rewarding and satisfying simply because you still get to be in the fight. I have also dabbled in Dark Souls and this is everything I wanted Dark Souls to be, as much of the walking between bosses got boring for me. Also to brush over the topic of connectivity; I rarely disconnect from friends servers now although admittedly it was worse on release and the poor reviews on the first few days of launch are justified. Also the who said that his file was corrupted and blamed the game should burn in hell because he got a bunch of people to bandwagon when it was later proven that there was no way that could happen due to the game. Overall a 10/10 game.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Review – [Samsung Galaxy Fortnite Skin]

Although it’s still a bit repetitive, I’m glad to say that Fortnite is now a very decent space sim! It’s a bit more laid-back and exploration oriented than the X-series or Elite Dangerous, so if you’re not into landing on alien worlds and fighting against nothing but the harsh environs whilst exploring varying biomes, this game probably isn’t for you. The space combat is still not exemplary, and fighting sentinels gets old, but the scenery is beautiful and discovering new flora and fauna, as well as rare and exotic planet types is fun and engaging. It’s very easy to get your own free skins, just follow this youtube clip: Galaxy FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Galaxy SKIN! How to get Galaxy skin for FREE!

Kudos, devs, keep up the updates and keep up the good work!

I bought this game after hearing about the updates it has been recieving from all around hoping to finally find a game world to just get sucked into. Unfortunately the game was very dissapointing from a gameplay perspective. I didn’t delve much into the story mainly because I wanted to see what the actual game had to offer. After a while of playing I came to realize that the game simply just was wasting my time as most of the time playing I felt like this was filled to the brim with downtime. All of the planets I came across just seemed dissapointing and bland. Yes I did find exotic planets and many overgrown planets and colorful worlds, but it just felt like more of the same with a different skin. The exotic planets had cool plants and minerals, but other than visually these planets serve little to no value.

Overall Fortnite can be fun to look at for a little bit, but really the only point of crafting anything in this game is just so you can craft the next thing. There doesn’t seem to be much substance here.