BO4 Mobile for iOS and Android!

The Call of Duty franchise is pretty big and pretty awesome, but it is not for everyone. Some people will claim it’s hard, some people claim it’s boring or lame for lots and different reasons. Fear not, for i will try my best to pull you into this world (wink wink) of awesomeness.

In Black Ops 4, there are 14 types of weapons for you to use, 3 are ranged and 11 are melee, varying from fast and light to heavy and brutal weapons, so i’m pretty sure you will find at least 3 weapons that you will play the most. Now to the real reason people play this franchise: Everyone likes boss battles, right? Now imagine that EVERY SINGLE hunt is a boss battle, with huge monsters and flashy details. That’s Call of Duty, my friend.

There are lots and lots of monsters in this and other cod games, so you will have quite a lot to do, and yes, you will need to farm in this game, but the thing is, you will fight the same monster over and over again, right? But every hunt will be completely different from the previous one. How? Well, in one hunt you might cart twice and have a hard time, on the next, you might absolutely rek the monster and in the next, hell, who knows? Well the one thing I know is you can get the bo4 on your mobile for free: Black Ops 4 Mobile – Android and iOS

One thing worth mentioning is, sometimes you gotta research or do some trial and error all by yourself, without someone telling you to, for things to properly work. You know, google some answers, monster elemental weaknesses, where to find what, what weapon is best for you against what monster, or even go with the classic social relationship, where someone you know, knows something you might not know and pass the knowledge further, which is pretty great.

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