Can you make money online Gaming?

The way to make money gaming is to do reviews about games. Here is one of my reviews:

Found out about this game the day it came out and thought it was a chivalry sequel. Better yet, it wasn’t. My friend and I got it instantly (he bought it for me tho). Satisfying combat, deep character customization, and better than chivalry. Even though you can’t get gold or xp and the servers are buggy right now does not change the fact that this game is an extremely fun, easy to learn hard to master type game. Just gotta bear through it till it gets fixed! Highly recommend buying it

So.. Where to start.

PROS : This game is really fun. You can spend lot of hours without being frustrated, the characters are pretty balanced so you can’t really being mad for that and that’s a really good point. All modes are fun to play, graphics are good, and seem optimized (I have a 2012 PC..).

CONS : No controller support, this is just my opinion as I’m a console player since many years.
I don’t know if it’s my computer but the time to load a game is way to long, even for searching a game. Until now this is only thing I hate about this game, is that you have to wait several minuts to play..

You can easily make some money by posting your review on youtube and sharing it around on social media sites. In my experience youtube is the best way to make money gaming, or even how to get free paypal money

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