iOS 12.1 Update

So in the last couple of days, Apple has released their new iOS 12.1 update which ships out to all the lastest iPhones running the iOS 12. This is a free download available for anyone! Here is our review of the new update.

Aight so me and my broke upgraded to 12.1 so naturally, I didn’t pay full price in buying the biggest package and to be frank, I’m GLAD I didn’t. BDO has a lot of potential as a game, don’t get me wrong, I love the compelling fight styles, the combos, and the game in itself is beautiful. But if you came for simplicity and enjoyment, you’re going to get painfully slow progression and a lot of confusion.

But lets get into the pros and cons of the iOS update 🙂


  • Beautiful graphics, I never get tired of looking at this game, enviornment or character wise.
  • I really love the combat which progressively gets more intricate over the course of your levels.
  • Massive open world.
  • Super fun with friends.
  • In the beginning it’s relatively easy to get by.
  • So much storage payoff. Buying houses is rewarding for the most part.
  • You can transport your stuff manually or through an auto loop, tab out do your own thing while you wait.
  • Awesome distinct classes, none are too similar and are diverse in their own ways.
  • Oh and you can jail break it to: iOS 12.1 Jailbreak

Spotify Kostenlose Android-iOS

Spotify bietet eine breite Palette von Genres und Wiedergabelisten alle Arten von Atmosphäre geschaffen. Wenn die Musik kaufen, aber vielleicht für einen Künstlernamen oder Album suchen, ein weniger traditioneller Ansatz funktioniert oft gut mit Spotify. Zum Beispiel arbeiten wir Spuren oft Elektronenkonzentration komprimiert mit einer der all-Playliste, die zu lange nicht abgelenkt wird. Sie können viele Ergebnisse für den Begriff ‚Pause‘ und ‚ruhig‘ und ein wenig Spur bundangreul basierend auf der Liste der Spiele für Läufer finden. Jeder Künstler hat auch sein eigenes „Radio“ in der Liste Generation Wiedergabe nach dem Stil der Band oder Sängers. Es hat einige der Eigenschaften von anderen Menschen in einem ähnlichen oder im Zusammenhang mit Ihren Songs in irgendeiner Weise Situation. Spotify wird versuchen, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie in den alten Tagen tun können, wenn ein iPod verwendet wird, müssen Sie nicht zu viel nachdenken über das, was gespielt wird. Interessante und frisch, hat der Dienst auch umstritten, wie Al Kelly (R. Kelly) in ihrem Vorschlag angekündigt, den Künstler zu beseitigen. Das bedeutet, dass ihre Arbeit von jedem Dienst ist, die nicht ausziehen können, ist aber nicht eine Woche oder eine Playlist mit Pop-härtete dergleichen. Wir können nicht die Anzahl der sportlichen Mängel Kuchen wählen, und wenn der Web-Player an das schwächste gezwungen. Dieser Dienst kann ohne Installation etwas, zum Beispiel auf Ihrem Laptop oder Desktop verwendet werden, wenn Sie die Anwendung auf Ihrem PC installiert haben, können Sie bequem arbeiten. Da es in allen Browsern funktioniert nicht, aber der Flash-basierte, und Schnittstelle – es hat zum Beispiel ist in Safari nicht verfügbar. Aber Sie können Musik hören, ganz glücklich in anderen Browsern, ist es schwieriger, Wiedergabelisten auf dem Web-Interface zu erstellen, können Sie Ihre Songs für die Wiedergabe offline hier nicht synchronisieren. Es hat sich auch ein großer Teil von mobilen und Desktop-Anwendungen gewesen Podcasts nicht enthalten. Mit anderen Worten, da es ein Kuchen in der mobilen Anwendung nicht viele Fälle Sport sein, keiner von ihnen sagt, dass er wie ein dealbreaker fühlt. Youtube Link hier: Spotify Premium Android APK iOS 

FIFA 19 The Review

first few hours are very very fun. good story . fun gameplay , its balanced. but THENNNN after a few hours, RIP . the game is on purpose a stupid long grind of boring repetitive missions just to make the game purposly long so you get sick of it and buy the EXP Boost from the money shop. you literally have to grind 30-40+ hours of boring missions just to get high even level to keep playing the game and listen to the story . ive been grinding so long , I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE STORY . its not cool. i dont recommend this game.
grinding in mmo’s is 1 thing. but in offline game play is different..or at least keep it fun , not always the same damn missions. Clear a camp. clear a camp , clear a camp. Get fifa here: FIFA 19 free

first few hours are very very fun. good story . fun gameplay , its balanced. but THENNNN after a few hours, RIP . the game is on purpose a stupid long grind of boring repetitive missions just to make the game purposly long so you get sick of it and buy the EXP Boost from the money shop. you literally have to grind 30-40+ hours of boring missions just to get high even level to keep playing the game and listen to the story . ive been grinding so long , I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE STORY . its not cool. i dont recommend this game.
grinding in mmo’s is 1 thing. but in offline game play is different..or at least keep it fun , not always the same damn missions. Clear a camp. clear a camp , clear a camp

The Best Black Ops 4 Hacks!

With Black Ops 4 being released on Friday, there are already videos on youtube popping up with hacks and cheats for the zombies, blackout and general multiplayer!

BO4 is easily the best Call of duty yet!
Although it does not have the original characters in it as it is set before even the events of bo3 happened the story and combat are really well done. Very epic.
The game world is massive with tons to explore and discover.
And it all looks beautiful.

My Favorite part of black ops is the just general run and gun feel of the game, no stupid future stuff! Finally after 70 hrs I have completed the game. I finished all 3 major story arcs, most of the side quests and uncovered the map. Although I have had some major downsides with this youtube video, it does actually work for black ops 4: Black Ops 4 Hacks and Cheats

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. There were moments I felt that I didn’t make any meaningful progress. Most starting quests didn’t offer much XP and I found myself outnumbered and unequipped. Black Ops 4 is definitely one of the best cods right now, and with free aimbots available I really want to get in and just play 🙂

Cod BO4 Mobile Review

This is one of the precious few games that I’ve ever bought, and never even had a tiny passing regret in dropping the money for it.

To start this off, yes it’s Call of Duty, and it’s Call of Duty but a bit more westernized. There are things in the game that still retain their standard level of complexity similar to past titles, but other than that, it’s a solid game that loves to be grindy in all the right ways. You can get yourself the new mobile game here: black ops 4 android

If you like instant gratification and expect each monster to be a boss fight that gives you the rewards you need, walk the away because this game ain’t for you. There is a lot of strategy involved for getting what you want and what you need, a lot of preparations if you want to get the really good stuff. With that in mind, the game can be played solo, and pretty damn well, but does much better with a team.

Don’t expect Black Ops 4 to get easier as you get better equipment, you’re not going to be on god mode at the end of your own journey. You WILL get your ass handed to you by numerous players.


  • Campaign isn’t bad, not terribly long, but not bad.
  • Excellent port
  • Amazing visuals, monsters and landscape are all stunning to look at
  • Amazing sounds and effects
  • No Weapon is the instant meta, no weapon does everything better, every weapon does good at what you like to play as
  • Multiplayer is actually not as bad as it was on launch, still has hiccups though
  • Armors are also stunning to look at, and do function similarly to weapons in that none are the best at everything.
  • Plenty to do and try, the amount of stuff to do is quite honestly a little overwhelming at times.
  • Online quest search function is actually pretty well done in my opinion.
  • Excellent game settings and control mapping functions, tons and tons of options. Totalbiscuitt would have been happy.

BO4 Mobile for iOS and Android!

The Call of Duty franchise is pretty big and pretty awesome, but it is not for everyone. Some people will claim it’s hard, some people claim it’s boring or lame for lots and different reasons. Fear not, for i will try my best to pull you into this world (wink wink) of awesomeness.

In Black Ops 4, there are 14 types of weapons for you to use, 3 are ranged and 11 are melee, varying from fast and light to heavy and brutal weapons, so i’m pretty sure you will find at least 3 weapons that you will play the most. Now to the real reason people play this franchise: Everyone likes boss battles, right? Now imagine that EVERY SINGLE hunt is a boss battle, with huge monsters and flashy details. That’s Call of Duty, my friend.

There are lots and lots of monsters in this and other cod games, so you will have quite a lot to do, and yes, you will need to farm in this game, but the thing is, you will fight the same monster over and over again, right? But every hunt will be completely different from the previous one. How? Well, in one hunt you might cart twice and have a hard time, on the next, you might absolutely rek the monster and in the next, hell, who knows? Well the one thing I know is you can get the bo4 on your mobile for free: Black Ops 4 Mobile – Android and iOS

One thing worth mentioning is, sometimes you gotta research or do some trial and error all by yourself, without someone telling you to, for things to properly work. You know, google some answers, monster elemental weaknesses, where to find what, what weapon is best for you against what monster, or even go with the classic social relationship, where someone you know, knows something you might not know and pass the knowledge further, which is pretty great.

Black Ops 4 – Is it another Failed Call of Duty?

Personally, I want to love BO4 I really really do, I wish I could give a mixed opinion But I can only give a thumbs up and a thumbs down. So with that I guess I can only say that I can only give it based off what the average consumer can expect.

First off this game is linear, in other words, it seems like you can do whatever you want but you actually can’t because you need to be a high enough level to do so in the first place forcing you to do quests and tasks in a specific order. Still an awesome First Person Shooter though…..

Then there are more issues such as some serious design flaws. The armor system (for example) is one of them. Because of how it works you can’t really used a mixed party. You either go all in for physical or all in for magical damage. To make matters worse as long as the enemy has physical armor you can’t cc them which is a serious design flaw.

Then it kinda gets a bit worse when we talk about how you have to cheese everything and chain cc to win or how enemies can cc chain you into oblivion. This is why you use a diminishing returns system, ie. the more you use something the less effective it is. Oh and I actually just got the game completely for free lol:

The story is honestly kind of meh but it does have it’s ups and downs (but never a strong suit for the call of duty franchise) Personally I don’t have any complaints about it.

Honestly, the game doesn’t have that many issues IMO, but the issues are so bad that it seriously tanks the rating that I would give this game from an 8.5-9 out of 10 to around a 7.7-7.8.

Fortnite Skins Guide

Halliburton welcome to this video Disneyland and or laser beam reacting to the Rune event in fortnite that happened today happier at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and yes I want to say a quick shot at the Landing for letting me borrow his audio everything you’re going to see until the end is about his replay shop because my entire file corrupted so I’m depressed and that’s why this idiot took so long to get out to you guys I really apologize but we’re here reacting to the Moon about checking out everything that changed around the island and the cursed location to the Lexicon but super awesome it just looks so dope when you hop in game now there’s like lightning the shooting out of the cube now… oh and I forgot to mention the best way to get those free fortnite skins

and it’s amazing so let me know what you guys think in the comments when you guys since you know what’s going to happen what do you think is going to happen with the rest of the rooms other than that did you enjoy of course hit the like button subscribe if you’re new home before I go make sure if you did enter the giveaway check your emails because I have some got the emails for all the winners regarding giving away 5 winners prices so hey if you enter the giveaway check your email because you might be the lucky winner so check it out and I think that’s what you watching I am pathetic alright okay Alex you know how this is going to stand directly under the roof I can do it I can do it really do anything that’s the game I feel like this solid oh my God the event move yet it’s a butthole did look like yeah I was I was there pretty interesting damn you win this year I like what what cause I grabbed quickly so what would have would it have killed me? If it wasn’t by the way is it like cuz it’s not fully aligned with the room right what’s the it’s an idea yes yeah it is an angry boy fundamental Sky cool effects believing rejoining what do this what are this is Kevin taking over the world he’s consuming Kevin is becoming a matter of man that would have been perfect would have lifted me up and everything and going on giveaway check out that’s true I can do it wait I am getting ourselves a spiky Stadium to scientists wait giant spider this is a dog this is a Stick Arena yeah man I feel like it would have been so sick if it happened in real time I did all those things what do cycle see what happens is it is it brighter now is that just me

Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass Guide

Fortnite video today we are looking at all the brand new leaks that includes skins gliders back blings and anything else that pops up here with the brand new 6.0 1 update so it’s a little weird right usually we do not get we don’t get skins leaks for these type of updates cuz this is supposed to be a Content update next week’s going to be 6.1 but something was season 6 or maybe they’re switching up their style there are skins and I’m ready to show you them they’re actually pretty hype skins as well we kind of know what about them but now we get a full-on look if you new around here subscribe to the channel man and make sure to touch that like button help me out tremendously and let me know if out of all these that we see today are you going to pick up is your favorite starting off and I have all the info for you today actually which is good news the first outfit set is the scarecrow’s all right if we knew about the scarecrows from the loading screen fortnite kind of leak get them self so first let me show you the see the female scarecrow it’s actually very detailed and creepy look at mad I don’t I don’t know if I like that like I don’t know if I want to go up against someone with that thing it’s a little. Now with season 6 upon us, you should have a look at this: free battle pass

intimidating so that’s the first one and I’ll give you the info like the price of it and the name and the description after I show you the male skin I like the skins that actually really like the skin I’m not for sure if I could have picked them out though I do like them but but we’ll see let me know what you think about that and I think I like the female a little bit better she’s just a little bit creepier and I think female straight Ops is her name the Harvest grows near male is hey man description scare those crows are all right man came out yet so I’m just checking my notifications honestly we’re going to switch up the order of this because at this point there’s been no dark bomber skin release I’m just going to move on to the the back blinks first of all first off so here it is back please we’ve got the Scarecrow one on the right Broken Egg are the crows I guess right the Scarecrow I like that then we got this as well I believe this goes with the dark bomber but I’m not 100% on that again I’m just I’m slowly too shabby we’re going to move on to the dark bomber set all right so this is the glider and the pickaxe that comes with dark bomber and oh my God they’re so good first off the glider it’s very simple it’s got the Rune symbols the cube symbols and dark bombers got something to do with this storyline weed don’t really know what at this point but I’m I’m probably stopping the skin just because the glider purple is my favorite color of course and that’s a simple glider

Nba 2k19 mobile – overrated?

Overrated af.

There is fundamentally broken game design here.

Very simple ball dragged out by needlessly brutal tuning.

You can bring a stacked team to the final dungeon, a team that might have taken 20 hours to level up… and with two fluke crits the AI team wipes you. This scene and its many variants play out time and again.

Sheer determination beats this game, not skill.

Held off buying for a while. Regret that now. As with other games built around the principle that failure is part of fun, if you buy into that approach then you’ll get a ton of enjoyment out of this this basketball game

The graphics are simple 3d but really nicely done. The music is atmospheric. The systems are fairly simple to grasp but pleasingly complex when you start finding synergies between skills and classes. NBA 2k19 does bring some releastic vibes to the genre! That being said i did the game for free here: nba 2k19 ios

Just a really, really fine game which really should have an ingame clock just so you don’t get too carried away with ‘just one more dungeon’.