Cod BO4 Mobile Review

This is one of the precious few games that I’ve ever bought, and never even had a tiny passing regret in dropping the money for it.

To start this off, yes it’s Call of Duty, and it’s Call of Duty but a bit more westernized. There are things in the game that still retain their standard level of complexity similar to past titles, but other than that, it’s a solid game that loves to be grindy in all the right ways. You can get yourself the new mobile game here: black ops 4 android

If you like instant gratification and expect each monster to be a boss fight that gives you the rewards you need, walk the away because this game ain’t for you. There is a lot of strategy involved for getting what you want and what you need, a lot of preparations if you want to get the really good stuff. With that in mind, the game can be played solo, and pretty damn well, but does much better with a team.

Don’t expect Black Ops 4 to get easier as you get better equipment, you’re not going to be on god mode at the end of your own journey. You WILL get your ass handed to you by numerous players.


  • Campaign isn’t bad, not terribly long, but not bad.
  • Excellent port
  • Amazing visuals, monsters and landscape are all stunning to look at
  • Amazing sounds and effects
  • No Weapon is the instant meta, no weapon does everything better, every weapon does good at what you like to play as
  • Multiplayer is actually not as bad as it was on launch, still has hiccups though
  • Armors are also stunning to look at, and do function similarly to weapons in that none are the best at everything.
  • Plenty to do and try, the amount of stuff to do is quite honestly a little overwhelming at times.
  • Online quest search function is actually pretty well done in my opinion.
  • Excellent game settings and control mapping functions, tons and tons of options. Totalbiscuitt would have been happy.

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