Coin Master on Android and iOS REVIEW!

So I’ve never been into table top mobile games but i love tactical games and friends of mine have recommend this to me, but holy crap this game is a gameplay and story telling master work. All the characters are interesting and written well the rpg mechanics are deep but accessible and rivellon itself is one of the most interesting and fun worlds ive ever explored. I highly recommend this game

One of my favourite games of all time where you can clearly see how much love has been poured into it by the devs. They have built a stunning world with a story full of twists and turns which grips you from start to finish.

In an industry which has so many watered down full priced games that let the consumer down with bad business practices or that feel lazy and unfinished, this one shines apart like a diamond. You will need coins though to help fast track your gameplay… watch this video for the coin trick: coin master cheats

The build system and combat is fundamentally broken and unbalanced which leads to many useless and unplayable builds and several extremely overpowered on coin master Knowing this to be true the devs have implemented a system to allow unlimited free respecing of you characters in the game as a mechanic and not a cheat. Most of the overpowered builds are just not fun to play. It’s cool to go in and wipe a bunch of higher level bosses in a few hits but it kills the fun quickly and under powered builds are useless.

There is a finite amount of XP available as well which lead to gimmicky game play if you want to level up more before moving on and encourages you to kill every one for the extra xp.

It’s hard for me to understand the high percentage of positive reviews for a game that is broken on so many levels.
So while there is some good stuff here it’s mostly run of the mill standard cookie cutter rpg stories and a broken class and character system.

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