Dragon City iOS Review

-Fast paced gameplay once you get through the cutscenes.
-Massive variety of weapons to master, and tons of minor aspects of each weapon to perfect.
-Upgrade trees for days, between both armor and weapons this game does not run out of things for you to get and reasons to hunt
-Unique monsters, especially as you near end game they branch out and become more challenging
-Satisfying multiplayer
-Monsters do not get boring
-Audio is fantastically designed, as are the animations, making the greatsword feel like an actual slab of metal and the resounding crunch of attacks connecting is music to my ears.
-Managed to cut out a vast majority of farming via the botanist
-Occasional disconnect can ♥♥♥♥ up a good run but I hope they fix that soon
-Monsters can be painful to grind once you’ve already far surpassed their skill level, namely the early game ones if you are looking for a non-tempered high rank monster
-Not for people who don’t like grinding for rare parts. Reminds me a lot of Diablo or warframe but it brings a much more intense gameplay style to the table.
-DLC isn’t out yet but nothing to be done about that.

First Dragon City I have played, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best games I have played in a long time. Now if you need some free gems in game check out this youtube clip: dragon city hack

Coming from a background primarily of CS GO and Overwatch and transitioning to a more casual style game it is still an exhilerating game to play. I have dumped so much time into it since its release 2 weeks ago, and have yet to grow bored. I can 100% say it is better to play with friends. As someone who usually plays DPS in his FPS games, I find that playing support is equally rewarding and satisfying simply because you still get to be in the fight. I have also dabbled in Dark Souls and this is everything I wanted Dark Souls to be, as much of the walking between bosses got boring for me. Also to brush over the topic of connectivity; I rarely disconnect from friends servers now although admittedly it was worse on release and the poor reviews on the first few days of launch are justified. Also the who said that his file was corrupted and blamed the game should burn in hell because he got a bunch of people to bandwagon when it was later proven that there was no way that could happen due to the game. Overall a 10/10 game.

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