Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Pass Guide

Fortnite video today we are looking at all the brand new leaks that includes skins gliders back blings and anything else that pops up here with the brand new 6.0 1 update so it’s a little weird right usually we do not get we don’t get skins leaks for these type of updates cuz this is supposed to be a Content update next week’s going to be 6.1 but something was season 6 or maybe they’re switching up their style there are skins and I’m ready to show you them they’re actually pretty hype skins as well we kind of know what about them but now we get a full-on look if you new around here subscribe to the channel man and make sure to touch that like button help me out tremendously and let me know if out of all these that we see today are you going to pick up is your favorite starting off and I have all the info for you today actually which is good news the first outfit set is the scarecrow’s all right if we knew about the scarecrows from the loading screen fortnite kind of leak get them self so first let me show you the see the female scarecrow it’s actually very detailed and creepy look at mad I don’t I don’t know if I like that like I don’t know if I want to go up against someone with that thing it’s a little. Now with season 6 upon us, you should have a look at this: free battle pass

intimidating so that’s the first one and I’ll give you the info like the price of it and the name and the description after I show you the male skin I like the skins that actually really like the skin I’m not for sure if I could have picked them out though I do like them but but we’ll see let me know what you think about that and I think I like the female a little bit better she’s just a little bit creepier and I think female straight Ops is her name the Harvest grows near male is hey man description scare those crows are all right man came out yet so I’m just checking my notifications honestly we’re going to switch up the order of this because at this point there’s been no dark bomber skin release I’m just going to move on to the the back blinks first of all first off so here it is back please we’ve got the Scarecrow one on the right Broken Egg are the crows I guess right the Scarecrow I like that then we got this as well I believe this goes with the dark bomber but I’m not 100% on that again I’m just I’m slowly too shabby we’re going to move on to the dark bomber set all right so this is the glider and the pickaxe that comes with dark bomber and oh my God they’re so good first off the glider it’s very simple it’s got the Rune symbols the cube symbols and dark bombers got something to do with this storyline weed don’t really know what at this point but I’m I’m probably stopping the skin just because the glider purple is my favorite color of course and that’s a simple glider

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