Fortnite Galaxy Skin Review – [Samsung Galaxy Fortnite Skin]

Although it’s still a bit repetitive, I’m glad to say that Fortnite is now a very decent space sim! It’s a bit more laid-back and exploration oriented than the X-series or Elite Dangerous, so if you’re not into landing on alien worlds and fighting against nothing but the harsh environs whilst exploring varying biomes, this game probably isn’t for you. The space combat is still not exemplary, and fighting sentinels gets old, but the scenery is beautiful and discovering new flora and fauna, as well as rare and exotic planet types is fun and engaging. It’s very easy to get your own free skins, just follow this youtube clip: Galaxy FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Galaxy SKIN! How to get Galaxy skin for FREE!

Kudos, devs, keep up the updates and keep up the good work!

I bought this game after hearing about the updates it has been recieving from all around hoping to finally find a game world to just get sucked into. Unfortunately the game was very dissapointing from a gameplay perspective. I didn’t delve much into the story mainly because I wanted to see what the actual game had to offer. After a while of playing I came to realize that the game simply just was wasting my time as most of the time playing I felt like this was filled to the brim with downtime. All of the planets I came across just seemed dissapointing and bland. Yes I did find exotic planets and many overgrown planets and colorful worlds, but it just felt like more of the same with a different skin. The exotic planets had cool plants and minerals, but other than visually these planets serve little to no value.

Overall Fortnite can be fun to look at for a little bit, but really the only point of crafting anything in this game is just so you can craft the next thing. There doesn’t seem to be much substance here.

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