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Fortnite has gone though a big improvement graphically with wonderful scenary visiuals and setting. But to be honest, its boring. It feels fluffed out, too many sections where you are effectively doing nothing or key pressing a few times to fill in a cut scene or just some actions so simple that it makes you wonder why the player needs to press the buttons. The game has a mixture of different elements for you to play and yes, this is not a full on action running and shooting with the usual mix of puzzles and traps , but even more reason to keep it flowing and it just doesn’t. I kept trying to skip through or hoped it would get to the next bit quickly . I’m sure many wont feel the same, but I would have expected game development. It’s really up to you if you choose to purchase in the game currency “vbucks” to buy those skins. However, I did find a new way to on this channel for free. He does How to get Galaxy Skin for FREE 🤑 FREE GALAXY SKIN 🔥

Gameplay has some glitches and bugs here and there, especially when you are in the middle of grabbing a ledge while jumping from one platform to another which is not pleasant as it ruins the thrill of that particular moment. Apart from several tombs that actually made me think on how to solve the puzzles, there was not much of a challenge there. I particularly enjoyed the one where you find a spanish ship trapped in a cave. Storyline is not bad. The setting – Peru is also a good choice, although comparing this game to its predecessor , i realised that i was more intrigued about the previous installment than this one in terms of the storyline and location. Having said that i like the historical part where you learn about the conquistadors and where you visit the old church in San Juan. In terms of weapons and upgrades i can say i like the variety of weapons that you can aquire during the game. I am not particularly thrilled about the costume and outfit category.It should either be fully customizable – like in a RTS game where you can equip gear for each major part of the body – head, torso, wrists, legs, feet, and have extra optional gear rather than use their system – one full costume or another costume made from two pieces. I would have preffered a bigger setting – and more freedom to explore. More side quests and a larger map. I do like the combat and the graphics althoug they could have done a better job in that departmet especially in the graphics part. But in the end it is an enjoyable game and you do get satisfaction from playing it .

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