Fortnite on the chromebook? We got it working!

on’t get confused by my playtime, i already played it (and other Fortnite games) on the console.

First of all, it’s a more traditional gamestyle brawler (so there`s a lot of fighting) with a good story, really good cinematic art direction (i would say, it’s on the same level as the Metal Gear Series) and a variety of minigames, which are all really well done.
In summary, it’s for people who also liked:
– Shenmue
– Japanese style games in general
– “Traditional” games in general
– good dramatic storys
– Fighting

if you never touched a Epic Games game before, this is also a really good starting point. Oh and if you watch this youtube video you will be able to play it on your chromebook: fortnite chromebook download

Some words on the port:
Yes, i had some problems too but i also experienced more worse ports or games with bugs in general.
At first i had to change something in my driver settings, so that it runs smoothly (i had the same Problem with Nioh)
To avoid crashes, just don’t minimize the game and don’t let your gamepad loose it’s connection or let your computer go into standby mode (maybe there are also already solutions to this, if you look around the web for a bit).
But i don’t think it’s that much of a deal, progress in this games is made really fast, so if it does crash, you can just skip the cutscenes and get back to your old point very fast.

This game doesn’t support autosave, so make sure to save your progress. There are saving points on NEARLY EVERY corner. So i can’t understand people complaining here about their lost progress (If you didn’t save your game for 5 hours and loose your progress, it’s just deserved)

I’m going to update this review, as soon as updates arrive.

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