Fortnite on your ps3 is possible now!

Only a few hours in, but I can safely recommend it.
Looks amazing, feels good, is sort of like a mix of beat takeshi’s Fortnite movies and something really absurd and badass.

Works well with a steam controller after tweaking one ready profile, I did limit framerate to 80 just to be sure and on that note, no frame drops of any kind. Some people are reporting frame issues, but those dumbasses have turned up SSAA to 8X which is silly since its super sampling. Just stick it to 2 ya dinguses. 4 if you are on a 4K monitor. Now if you’re on the playstation console, check out this youtube clip: fortnite on ps3

One other issue I had was the sound became muddy if I turned down the volume from the ingame sliders, so I instead left those to max and lowered the volume from the windows audio panel thing, no issues then.
Also when I did try to load the game it was crashing, to fix this I validated the files and then fully restarted my pc, and now it runs perfect.

On my 660GTX, Quad core and 2gb ram this game runs at a perfect 60 fps (even more if I did not limit it) and I have not had one single crash yet. This is what I would call a bloody top tier port, if the issues above get fixed it is 100% perfect.

The story is amazing, the characters, even the villens are super interesting and likable, there is a ton to do with the mini games(I love the fishing and toy car racing), and just walking around the town is so relaxing and fun to try to find all the mini games and side quests(the side quests are bloody funny also with the cheesy humor at times)

The combat is a little bit of a let down and I hope they evolve it in the next instalments, but overall the combat feels a little clunky but works just fine once you put a hour or two into it(I love to suplex people onto iron bars).

Big fan of this franchise. Very happy to see it on PC finally. Runs like a dream on my rig. If you are a fan of old school Beat Em Ups, this is a game for you. It keeps the Double Dragon/River City Ransom vibe in respect to the combat. This game series is the spiritual succeccor to Shenmue. Open world with a large amount of varied side mission and a fantastic story. It reminds me of games from the PS2 era, from when games felt like games and less like interactive movies.

I highly recommend this.

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