Fortnite Skins Guide

Halliburton welcome to this video Disneyland and or laser beam reacting to the Rune event in fortnite that happened today happier at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and yes I want to say a quick shot at the Landing for letting me borrow his audio everything you’re going to see until the end is about his replay shop because my entire file corrupted so I’m depressed and that’s why this idiot took so long to get out to you guys I really apologize but we’re here reacting to the Moon about checking out everything that changed around the island and the cursed location to the Lexicon but super awesome it just looks so dope when you hop in game now there’s like lightning the shooting out of the cube now… oh and I forgot to mention the best way to get those free fortnite skins

and it’s amazing so let me know what you guys think in the comments when you guys since you know what’s going to happen what do you think is going to happen with the rest of the rooms other than that did you enjoy of course hit the like button subscribe if you’re new home before I go make sure if you did enter the giveaway check your emails because I have some got the emails for all the winners regarding giving away 5 winners prices so hey if you enter the giveaway check your email because you might be the lucky winner so check it out and I think that’s what you watching I am pathetic alright okay Alex you know how this is going to stand directly under the roof I can do it I can do it really do anything that’s the game I feel like this solid oh my God the event move yet it’s a butthole did look like yeah I was I was there pretty interesting damn you win this year I like what what cause I grabbed quickly so what would have would it have killed me? If it wasn’t by the way is it like cuz it’s not fully aligned with the room right what’s the it’s an idea yes yeah it is an angry boy fundamental Sky cool effects believing rejoining what do this what are this is Kevin taking over the world he’s consuming Kevin is becoming a matter of man that would have been perfect would have lifted me up and everything and going on giveaway check out that’s true I can do it wait I am getting ourselves a spiky Stadium to scientists wait giant spider this is a dog this is a Stick Arena yeah man I feel like it would have been so sick if it happened in real time I did all those things what do cycle see what happens is it is it brighter now is that just me

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