Fortnite STW Guide

Ryzen 2600 3.9ghz
Nvidia GTX 1080 2.1ghz
Windows 10
16 GB 2933mhz DDR4

Settings: 4K Maxed, locked 30fps, vsync enable.

So far I’m suitably impressed with Fortnite. I’ve noticed some fairly middling reviews from a few outlets which is understandable however so far I’ve found myself somewhat more engrossed with the tale and the characters this time around than I have been with previous entries. The acting quality is top notch this time around and the character models are impeccable in certain scenes leading to CGI film like quality facial emotions in real time cut scenes. It’s impressive stuff for sure but all of this comes at a price. An extremely hefty rendering load sort of price. Using my heavily overclocked 1080 I cannot push past 40-42 fps in 4k even with modest settings enabled. I’ve therefore opted for 4k maxed with the 30fps lock enabled which my 1080 seems to happily maintain even in hectic situations.

As with all Nixes ports though this PC version is peerless in it’s extremely high level of functionality.

The Direct X12 implementation here is literally where the future of this API should be going, huge gains over DX11 and greatly increases the use of mulitithreaded CPUs meaning your Ryzen chip won’t be going as underutilized as in some DX11 titles. Really goes to show how beefy these Ryzen and Intel multicore chips are when used to their fullest potential and I very much hope to see more of this in the future. Many people ask me did you buy fortnite save the world? Well, the answer is no. I used this youtube video:

It feels like a smooth 30 and there has been zero frame pacing issues at all which makes the game feel very fluid despite the lower FPS. It’s highly subjective whether you’ll want to play this way however and you should find yourself in safe territory playing at 1440p or 1080p with the likes of a 1080 or 1070 and be able to push out 60fps if you dial back settings a bit. The reason I opted for more fidelity and lower fps is purely because the game is stunning and I feel like it benefits from the likes of contact shadows and HBAO+. After all, this is the sort of game in which you really want to be immersed in the locations you go to so it made sense for me. The game is very costly on your system to run but is by far and away one of the best looking games you can play right now so it seems like a fair trade off

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