How to get SEGA Mega Drive Classics for FREE + Gameplay Review 2018

Awesome game, lot’s of stuff to do, solid mechanics.
if you ever enjoyed “Harvest Moon” games you can’t go wrong with this one.
A little grindy though, especially if you’re new and don’t really know how to be efficient. Here’s the trailer:

Allows for freedom of gameplay, in that you can try hard at everything and go get that massive money, or you can live like the local homeless guy eating berries and going through people’s garbage.
Farming, mining, fighting, foraging, fishing, crafting and making friends, there’s a lot to do.
Although i loved the characters i wished they had a little more dept to them. This is how i got it for free by the way: sega mega drive classics free

Considering that this game was originally made by one person and it’s filled with content, beautifull graphics, and that it’s been constantly improved upon version after version, this is safe to call a true work of love, a rare gem for us to enjoy, to remind us what game design is all about, and to show that one game-loving developer is so much better than a fifty people, money-craving team.

100% Worth it’s price I got it as a gift. And I already fell in love with this game. I really reccomend this game. It’s just so good there’s so much stuff to do! Wanna do shopping? THIS GAME HAS IT!

Now with multiplayer (BETA), Doble the fun, half the grinding.
(Co-op has a bunch of annoying bugs, not really gamebreaking, and devs seem to be fixing them so, no biggie, most of it should be fixed when co-op exits beta).

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