iOS 12.1 Update

So in the last couple of days, Apple has released their new iOS 12.1 update which ships out to all the lastest iPhones running the iOS 12. This is a free download available for anyone! Here is our review of the new update.

Aight so me and my broke upgraded to 12.1 so naturally, I didn’t pay full price in buying the biggest package and to be frank, I’m GLAD I didn’t. BDO has a lot of potential as a game, don’t get me wrong, I love the compelling fight styles, the combos, and the game in itself is beautiful. But if you came for simplicity and enjoyment, you’re going to get painfully slow progression and a lot of confusion.

But lets get into the pros and cons of the iOS update 🙂


  • Beautiful graphics, I never get tired of looking at this game, enviornment or character wise.
  • I really love the combat which progressively gets more intricate over the course of your levels.
  • Massive open world.
  • Super fun with friends.
  • In the beginning it’s relatively easy to get by.
  • So much storage payoff. Buying houses is rewarding for the most part.
  • You can transport your stuff manually or through an auto loop, tab out do your own thing while you wait.
  • Awesome distinct classes, none are too similar and are diverse in their own ways.
  • Oh and you can jail break it to: iOS 12.1 Jailbreak

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