Is Royale Bomber the rarest skin in Fortnite?

The game’s changed a lot since pre alpha to alpha and then even from alpha to EA so much as changed. I definitely don’t agree with it all but overall this is still already the best entry to the survival genre. I have been looking around and all i can see is that the royale bomber is the rarest skin in fortnite right now…. well my friends I found a method on how to get it for free!!!!! Yes it’s just a youtube video here:Ā Royale Bomber FREE šŸ¤‘ FREE Fortnite Royale Bomber SKIN! How to get Royale Bomber skin for free!

The art is incredibly beautiful, the grind is reasonable and taming is a challenge without being hours and hours of watching a creature’s unconscious body or some boringlike that.

So, if you’re into the survival genre (i.e. don’t mind grinding and defending a base) get Rend!

I think this game is a waste of time, everyone got bored on our server after an extremely hyped start. All you do is running around the map and grind for resources. The game forces you to waste all of them the whole time. You want to learn to craft a better bow? Then you have to waste a ton of material after the research is completed. To learn better recipes you have to craft the lower level item in unknown quantities…which is the most annoying system I have ever seen. There is no real goal in this game other then gatheringĀ  to craft something that forces you to gather even more of the same crap. Overall this game is boring in my opinion. Oh and then there is this constant rubber banding, which most often appears if you encounter an enemy. Most of the enemy`s just stand around, don`t move and can not really get hit, they disappear after a few “phantom”hits with a tool. A lot of the time you will also encounter enemy`s that appear from thin air right in front of you, then the rubber banding starts, you can not escape and get hit by an enemy that was not there a moment ago. And then there is this ladder rank system, you grind your way up in the ladder just to realize that you can start all over again ,because you logged off for 6 hours to get some friggin sleep….yeeeah not my cup of tea, I already have a real job sorry.

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