Is Skull Trooper the most sought out skins in fortnite?

Fortnite has a huge playerbase, with over 150million players which most of them started this year in 2018. Some of the rarest skins in fortnite are ones that linked to holiday promotions such as the skull trooper. Although this youtube channel managed to find a way to get the that skin for free. Here’s his video showing you the guide.

It is definitely the easiest way to get yourself those old fortnite skins for free!

Fortnite has smooth gameplay with a huge map,
its not hard to survive disregarding player killing,
raiding the airfeild and bunkers is rather easy and will get you endgame gear in <20min.
the developers are clearly doing a lot of work,
sembalence of a story and designed atmosphere that is being built on.
Almost everyone shoots on sight.

I would continue to play this game even if the developers stoped now.
the fame points and world events seem like a promising system, I look forward to the updates!!

disclaimer; i have always been a fan of the arma 2 dayZ mod with all its flaws (this is way less flawed).

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