My Dark Souls Remastered Review

Despite people saying that this game is worst or best in a series, it’s surely different from other 2. Few game mechanics are present only in this part so just try it.

P.S. Personally my favourite, and the DLC are really worth the money

I will say this, right off of the bat:
This is, in my opinion, my least favorite Dark Souls title in the franchise.
Yes, you may only see 33 hours here, but I know for a good, solid, fact, that I have over 100 (give or take) on PS4.
This is one of the clunkiest, slow, and best messes I have ever played. Dark Souls II: SotFS is a great installment in the franchise, but, as for it being the best? Not at all. I will give that to DS3.
Nonetheless, very enjyable title, if you enjoy feeling everything feeling a lttle slow, but rewarding.
Everything in this game feels as if it could use some WD-40, just so it feels smoother, but, it is a Dark Souls title, so it is meant to feel…
Like a Souls game.Oh and you can get dark souls remastered for free

I don’t mean in a technical way, I mean it in a psychological way. I bought the game for just 10Euros, was very excited while it was downloading, and after the download, I was completely disappointed. I always wanted to play DSII, since I already played DS1 and DS3 and I thought the gameplay would be like in DS1 or maybe a bit faster, but after few hours I noticed how the game mechanics are lacking. The gameplay felt really wrong and the mechanics too, like why the hell do I only start with one Estus only and why the frigg does it only restore health over time (not instantly like in DS1/3).
The whole game just tries to be difficult, not fun and challenging like in the other DS games (or like in Bloodborne).
The game itself should challeng me, not ruin my fun with unfair mechanics, like DS2 does it.

So yeah… don’t buy the game if you’re not an hardcore Dark Souls fanboy, just buy DS1 and DS3. They’re way better than this thing, which calls himself a “Dark Souls” game, which is not the case…

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