Nba 2k19 mobile – overrated?

Overrated af.

There is fundamentally broken game design here.

Very simple ball dragged out by needlessly brutal tuning.

You can bring a stacked team to the final dungeon, a team that might have taken 20 hours to level up… and with two fluke crits the AI team wipes you. This scene and its many variants play out time and again.

Sheer determination beats this game, not skill.

Held off buying for a while. Regret that now. As with other games built around the principle that failure is part of fun, if you buy into that approach then you’ll get a ton of enjoyment out of this this basketball game

The graphics are simple 3d but really nicely done. The music is atmospheric. The systems are fairly simple to grasp but pleasingly complex when you start finding synergies between skills and classes. NBA 2k19 does bring some releastic vibes to the genre! That being said i did the game for free here: nba 2k19 ios

Just a really, really fine game which really should have an ingame clock just so you don’t get too carried away with ‘just one more dungeon’.

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