Fortnite: Save the World Review

Save the World is an absolute gem in the middle of a lot of farming games. This is because it’s not only about farming; fishing, mining, foraging and even fighting! It’s the perfect game if you had a crappy day and just want to forget all your worries and relax.

Honestly, I’ve played farming games before. Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Shepard’s Crossing, Farming Simulator, etc. But this? Just wow. I was blown away by it. It’s simple, it’s straightforward and leaves you to do as you would for the entiriety of the game. Any progression you make is totally in your control. From choosing how your land looks to choosing which perks you wish to take this game lets you basically do whatever you want to. If you want to focus on farming, you can. If you’d rather dungeon crawl, you can. If you just want people to talk to, theres 28 local NPCs for you to interact with. If you wanna do it all, the game isn’t stopping you. You should really watch this youtube video if your interested in playing it for free: save the world code

If you like either Terreria or Rune Factory, this is the game for you. It’s a great balance of two amazing games blended into one. Devs did a fantastic job on this one. This is something I can definitly see me playing on and off for a long while yet.

Save the World is the perfect spiritual successor to Harvest Moon. If you loved the original SNES version of Harvest Moon, but felt that the “sequels” did nothing but rehash the exact same game, this is definitely the game for you. While HM was afraid to stray too far from the same recipe, Stardew Valley adds fun new mechanics, like exploring the mines and fighting monsters, or a fun fishing mini-game, and it adds depth and importance to every seemingly small item.

With the addition of multiplayer, it’s a perfect game. My wife and I really enjoy playing it together!

Buy this game, and be prepared to feel super chill.

Fortnite on the chromebook? We got it working!

on’t get confused by my playtime, i already played it (and other Fortnite games) on the console.

First of all, it’s a more traditional gamestyle brawler (so there`s a lot of fighting) with a good story, really good cinematic art direction (i would say, it’s on the same level as the Metal Gear Series) and a variety of minigames, which are all really well done.
In summary, it’s for people who also liked:
– Shenmue
– Japanese style games in general
– “Traditional” games in general
– good dramatic storys
– Fighting

if you never touched a Epic Games game before, this is also a really good starting point. Oh and if you watch this youtube video you will be able to play it on your chromebook: fortnite chromebook download

Some words on the port:
Yes, i had some problems too but i also experienced more worse ports or games with bugs in general.
At first i had to change something in my driver settings, so that it runs smoothly (i had the same Problem with Nioh)
To avoid crashes, just don’t minimize the game and don’t let your gamepad loose it’s connection or let your computer go into standby mode (maybe there are also already solutions to this, if you look around the web for a bit).
But i don’t think it’s that much of a deal, progress in this games is made really fast, so if it does crash, you can just skip the cutscenes and get back to your old point very fast.

This game doesn’t support autosave, so make sure to save your progress. There are saving points on NEARLY EVERY corner. So i can’t understand people complaining here about their lost progress (If you didn’t save your game for 5 hours and loose your progress, it’s just deserved)

I’m going to update this review, as soon as updates arrive.

Fortnite on your ps3 is possible now!

Only a few hours in, but I can safely recommend it.
Looks amazing, feels good, is sort of like a mix of beat takeshi’s Fortnite movies and something really absurd and badass.

Works well with a steam controller after tweaking one ready profile, I did limit framerate to 80 just to be sure and on that note, no frame drops of any kind. Some people are reporting frame issues, but those dumbasses have turned up SSAA to 8X which is silly since its super sampling. Just stick it to 2 ya dinguses. 4 if you are on a 4K monitor. Now if you’re on the playstation console, check out this youtube clip: fortnite on ps3

One other issue I had was the sound became muddy if I turned down the volume from the ingame sliders, so I instead left those to max and lowered the volume from the windows audio panel thing, no issues then.
Also when I did try to load the game it was crashing, to fix this I validated the files and then fully restarted my pc, and now it runs perfect.

On my 660GTX, Quad core and 2gb ram this game runs at a perfect 60 fps (even more if I did not limit it) and I have not had one single crash yet. This is what I would call a bloody top tier port, if the issues above get fixed it is 100% perfect.

The story is amazing, the characters, even the villens are super interesting and likable, there is a ton to do with the mini games(I love the fishing and toy car racing), and just walking around the town is so relaxing and fun to try to find all the mini games and side quests(the side quests are bloody funny also with the cheesy humor at times)

The combat is a little bit of a let down and I hope they evolve it in the next instalments, but overall the combat feels a little clunky but works just fine once you put a hour or two into it(I love to suplex people onto iron bars).

Big fan of this franchise. Very happy to see it on PC finally. Runs like a dream on my rig. If you are a fan of old school Beat Em Ups, this is a game for you. It keeps the Double Dragon/River City Ransom vibe in respect to the combat. This game series is the spiritual succeccor to Shenmue. Open world with a large amount of varied side mission and a fantastic story. It reminds me of games from the PS2 era, from when games felt like games and less like interactive movies.

I highly recommend this.

Is Royale Bomber the rarest skin in Fortnite?

The game’s changed a lot since pre alpha to alpha and then even from alpha to EA so much as changed. I definitely don’t agree with it all but overall this is still already the best entry to the survival genre. I have been looking around and all i can see is that the royale bomber is the rarest skin in fortnite right now…. well my friends I found a method on how to get it for free!!!!! Yes it’s just a youtube video here: Royale Bomber FREE 🤑 FREE Fortnite Royale Bomber SKIN! How to get Royale Bomber skin for free!

The art is incredibly beautiful, the grind is reasonable and taming is a challenge without being hours and hours of watching a creature’s unconscious body or some boringlike that.

So, if you’re into the survival genre (i.e. don’t mind grinding and defending a base) get Rend!

I think this game is a waste of time, everyone got bored on our server after an extremely hyped start. All you do is running around the map and grind for resources. The game forces you to waste all of them the whole time. You want to learn to craft a better bow? Then you have to waste a ton of material after the research is completed. To learn better recipes you have to craft the lower level item in unknown quantities…which is the most annoying system I have ever seen. There is no real goal in this game other then gathering  to craft something that forces you to gather even more of the same crap. Overall this game is boring in my opinion. Oh and then there is this constant rubber banding, which most often appears if you encounter an enemy. Most of the enemy`s just stand around, don`t move and can not really get hit, they disappear after a few “phantom”hits with a tool. A lot of the time you will also encounter enemy`s that appear from thin air right in front of you, then the rubber banding starts, you can not escape and get hit by an enemy that was not there a moment ago. And then there is this ladder rank system, you grind your way up in the ladder just to realize that you can start all over again ,because you logged off for 6 hours to get some friggin sleep….yeeeah not my cup of tea, I already have a real job sorry.

Fortnite – Cross Platform Review

I was excited to go into this game, finally able to play Fortnite cross platform with my friends on the nintendo switch! All you have to do is watch this viral video on youtube: fortnite cross platform It will completely show you everything you need to play with your friends on any platform… oh and it’s a free method 🙂

Make sure to leave me a comment if it works for you! Anyways take a read at my Fortnite July Review!

Here is my Fortnite Review:

It was advertised as an open-world, story driven RPG. And for the first few hours, that’s exactly what it seemed to be. But then you get a bit further into the game and you realize that the ‘open world’ is a lie. It’s divided up into segments that are more or less level locked. There is zero freedom. The map is fundamentally empty, except for enemies that you will have to encounter in the same spots over and over again when you play this running simulator. Skill trees are useless, weapon rarities and upgrades mean very little. Combat is just shoot & build, and repeat. The abilities are cool, and fit thematically but in reality feel clunky to use.

Fortnite is an excellent game. You can make this game as easy or difficult as you like by means of the unique leveling system. By Unique, I mean it is tied to non-combat Xp harvesting. I’ll let you figure out what exactly I mean by that. I still have not completed it, but that is because I am taking an approach so as to kill the minimum amount of players. So far it is going well and the gameplay has me hooked 🙂 (Oh and I love the pump shotgun)


The best way to get a free season 5 battle pass on fortnite battle royale!

Great game if you like FPS/minecraft. It has a lot of really cool missions and challenging too. Bad things about it is that the terrain is a little weird to deal with and once you beat the game there is not a lot of things to do once you beat it.

What you can also buy is the fortnite season 5 battle pass, this pass unlocks skins, challenges and great content you and your friends can do together when you squad up! The only problem is, that it costs $10 USD. Well…. I found this video that shows how to get it for free! Check it out: fortnite season 5

Fortnite is not your typical frachise game, very well made and addictive, 5 stars to the developers for making the effort. Only one annoying bug of visitors running for safty getting stuck in Dino pens that needs an option for rangers to remove them. Also needs a bit more content added as have already completed all islands 5 stars. Still a great executed idea of a game.

This game is really well done, has progressively difficult skill levels depending on the islands, and includes a sandbox island with unlimited cash as an unlock. The difficulty is engaging and fun with random storms, or upset animals breaking out of enclosures. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you pass the first island they walk you though most of what you need to know from then on

Coin Master on Android and iOS REVIEW!

So I’ve never been into table top mobile games but i love tactical games and friends of mine have recommend this to me, but holy crap this game is a gameplay and story telling master work. All the characters are interesting and written well the rpg mechanics are deep but accessible and rivellon itself is one of the most interesting and fun worlds ive ever explored. I highly recommend this game

One of my favourite games of all time where you can clearly see how much love has been poured into it by the devs. They have built a stunning world with a story full of twists and turns which grips you from start to finish.

In an industry which has so many watered down full priced games that let the consumer down with bad business practices or that feel lazy and unfinished, this one shines apart like a diamond. You will need coins though to help fast track your gameplay… watch this video for the coin trick: coin master cheats

The build system and combat is fundamentally broken and unbalanced which leads to many useless and unplayable builds and several extremely overpowered on coin master Knowing this to be true the devs have implemented a system to allow unlimited free respecing of you characters in the game as a mechanic and not a cheat. Most of the overpowered builds are just not fun to play. It’s cool to go in and wipe a bunch of higher level bosses in a few hits but it kills the fun quickly and under powered builds are useless.

There is a finite amount of XP available as well which lead to gimmicky game play if you want to level up more before moving on and encourages you to kill every one for the extra xp.

It’s hard for me to understand the high percentage of positive reviews for a game that is broken on so many levels.
So while there is some good stuff here it’s mostly run of the mill standard cookie cutter rpg stories and a broken class and character system.

Fortnite on the XBOX 360?!?! WHAT? YES I GOT IT!

Guys you can get actually get fortnite on the xbox 360, very easily…. Just follow this youtube video:

He will show you how to do it for free. Simply just follow his steps and you can do it easily.

MY Fortnite Xbox 360 REVIEW

After six months of the community pleading with developers to fix the hacking problem – the developers have done little to fix the issue effectively. Love the game, can handle the bugs, terrible vehicle physics, and wonky shooting…but I can’t support a game that lets rampant hacking ruin other players experiences. I can’t beat auto aim/target snap, shooting through walls, speed hacks, and so on. Everyone has to play with the same bugs, but this is something worse. Don’t buy it; not even on sale.

Please listen to your communities pleas and do something about this instead of loot boxes, a new map, and other fancy features that don’t have a good overall impact on our playing experience. Ridding your game of hackers would by far bring back your community – if you wish to save the game, figure that out first.

Battle Royale

It’s not the first battle royale game. But it dose a better job than DayZ&H1Z1. This is also the reason why it created a commercial miracle: No better competing products compete with it 
However, after the occupation of the market, Bluehole did not do well in all aspects. For a company like Bluehole,
Suddenly there was a product that swept the world. They obviously did not do it in various aspects, compared to Valve or EA, Nintendo. In other words, it is very bad, because they do not have corresponding management experience. This seems to apply to China’s old sayin.
Perhaps, in the next game of Blue Hole, they will do better. But for this game, I can only give “very bad” evaluation.

Not recommend

It’s a successful commercial product, but not a good game. And now, it is the rapid decline in popularity. From my personal point of view, buying it now is not a wise choice, no matter how much it is priced.


How to get your own Mario Tennis Aces FREE KEY!

The gameplay is excellent until playing online with other people (Usually people with short attentions and anxt), this makes this game unbearable. Just not worth it. I would still play if the NPC computer install was harder.

No matter how many hundreds of titles one has in his Nintendo shop library, let’s face it: Mario is enough. Anyways here is how you get your free key code:

Simple game, infinite learning curve, endless enjoyment. Just, better play with friends on Discord rather than relying on the potential 13-years-old trolls matchmaking pairs you with.

I recommend this Mario Tennis Aces, solely because you can act in such a sarcastic manner with the different text messages you can send.

“Nice shot!” as the other team messes up a guaranteed goal.
“Close one!” As they accidentaly hit the ball into their own goal.
“No problem” as your teammate rams you hard enough to send you into the next dimension.. But we all know, it is a problem.
Soon, you will learn to hate that expression..

How to get your FREE battle pass for fortnite in season 4!

Fortnite is a solid action/adventure/battle royale with a lot of interesting ideas. The progressin system is based on XP which is gained by completing quests, reading journals, healing civilians and killing enemies. My favorite aspect of fortnite is the battle pass where you unlock challenges every week! You can actually get your fortnite battle pass for free if you watch this video: free battle pass fortnite !! However, you gain significantly more XP by feeding on civilians. Each civilian is unique and has their own story and relationships. The more you learn about them, the more XP you’ll get by feeding on them. This knowledge will also inform your decision of whom to feed on. This decision can affect the health of each district and what loot and side-quests you gain access to. The number of people you feed on and the health of each district also determine which ending you get. Ultimately, it’s a morality system similar to Dishonored’s: killing = bad, so if you want to get the “good” ending, you should avoid killing civilians whenever possible.

The biggest issue I had with the structure of the game is that the consequences for your actions aren’t always logical. In a couple of the key district decisions, there are three choices you can make. One is obviously bad, the other two seem equally viable. So, it’s basically a 50/50 chance of a good result or a bad result. I actually got a bad result in both cases, even though the choice I made seemed optimal given the information provided. Conversely, a lot of your choices pertaining to civilian quests and investigations don’t seem to have any meaningful consequences at all. There were a few civilians who I thought were sure to cause trouble if I allowed them to live. I let them live and… nothing happened. It seems like killing civilians is the only thing that causes any change (aside from the key district choices). That was a bit disappointing. The game treats killing civilians as an evil act so if you’re going for a good ending, you’ll miss out on a lot of the choice & consequence that makes the game interesting. It probably would have been better to make feeding necessary. That way, you’d be forced to make hard choices and could still get the “good” ending based on nuanced, rather than binary, morality.