State of Decay 2 free key download? Yes you can!

Wow 8 hours flew by pretty fast. As I was churning away attempt after attempt trying to finish a complete run without losing I found myself in a trance only awoken by hunger.

This game is wonderful, the price is perfect for the amount of content.

I will start with pros

Pixel art is beautiful, I like the art style you can tell what things are and you don’t have to squint to make out objects.

The story isn’t really important, so I’m glad it doesn’t force you to read all the text in the beginning.

Controller support, this works extremely well and you can move some of the spells to preferred buttons

Gameplay! This is the selling point, you will feel like the Air Bender, or Bakugo, even Neji from Naruto the spells are amazing and combo certain spells to make your Wizard the greatest. Oh, here’s the video how to get state of decay 2 for free:

The spells have strengths and weakness so nothing is OP, the relics play a crucial role the cursed relics play a even more crucial part as you will be faced with temptation of greed.


Some bugs

Um not much on the Con side because there is nothing that made me feel that something was wrong.

What I think should be added

Steam Workshop, let the community make cool skins I would love an Air Bender skin with a staff

Community made mobs with custom dungeon assets

More content

All in all it’s a decent price, pick it up get about 100 hours of runs in and it will be worth the price. If they add new content then it’ll definitely be worth the price.

My Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch Review!

Character models and textures are beautiful. Non-humans look and move very well, too, with all manner of scary and not-so-scary creatures to encounter. The game world features different biomes that, from what I’ve seen so far, blend convincingly into each other, and the atmosphere of each one is spot on. By default the game is played from a freely rotatable and zoomable third-person camera, but you can use a first-person view in most cases instead. Combat is suitably gory for the setting.

The character creator gives you a reasonable range of choices for creating your character — including no, partial (topless), or full nudity — and it’s hard to make an ugly or unnatural-looking character. It’s a shame there aren’t more options — striking hair colours, tattoos, body hair shaping, etc. — and also there’s no way to manually zoom or rotate the camera during character creation, making for a bit of guesswork at times. But you can adjust breast and  size across a large range, so there’s that! But while a willy wobbles about with great enthusiasm, there’s only relatively limited breast jiggle, which I’m embarrassed to say I found slightly disappointing. (This is adjustable using a number of Steam Workshop mods. Yay!)

Given the attention to detail, it’s odd that some of the character animations — jumping in particular — are poorly blended and look so rigid, while others, such as the female character’s run or sensual hip-wiggling walk, or the attack animations, are near perfect. The draw distance is a little limiting, too; even on a bright, clear day, everything in the middle distance and beyond looks increasingly hazy and fog typically obscures the details of all but the largest distant terrain features. Given the range and field of view, and the only very limited pop-in of objects, though, it’s an understandable trade-off. There are a few other very minor graphical issues, such as some weird glowing effects around dawn and dusk that look a bit unnatural, and a number of clipping issues (particularly with hair and breasts).

The interface is simple, intuitive, and mostly works very well. Also guys I just wanted to add you can actually save some money and get this game free… I watched this video, check it out: How to get Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for FREE!

Sound, music, and voice acting are all excellent as well. The soundtrack is what you’d expect from an AAA title with a big fantasy setting, all orchestral drama and explorative melodies, while sound effects are perfectly normalised and fit the game to a tee. Voice acting is enthusiastic and professional.

My Darkest Dungeon Review!

A great game, obviously more than JUST a RPG simulator, and worth the pay. A little confusing when you start off, but you’ll learn and get used to it.

I’ve played for hours and hours and then left it alone, but now that multiplayer is available, I’m dragging my friends into the madly addicting game! Darkest Dungeon, game is very open and enjoyable to play. Either playing with friends or playing alone it’s still fun and open to many different possabilities. The storyline is rich and emotional and you can interact with the other npc’s that wonder the town and fight monsters and forage for differen’t items, you can raise animals and grow a garden, you can get married or build different buildings and design your farm however you like.
It’s one of my favorite games and nothing can sway me from that opinion.

Darkest Dungeon is the perfect game for you if you just wanna relax and while the hours away on you virtual farm. This game offers many hours of entertainment anywhere from fishing all day and night trying to catch that last legendary fish or from mining all day in the hopes of finding that last mineral for your collection. I’d highly recommend this game to anyone as I have enjoyed every minute of my experience.

This game combines nostalgic graphics, pleasant storyline, with a soundrack that you could listen to for hours. If you’re looking for a game you can come into your own, this is the game for you.

On the downside, Darkest Dungeon is the epitome of terrible coding.
No matter which way you aim, your character will always find a way to do the opposite of what you try to do. Literally. Every single time.
Various mechanics are broken or just outright outlandish.
The fishing minigame would be better if the fish didn’t go to the bottom of the bar every 10 seconds, which means catching it is borderline impossible since if you let your capture bar drop to the bottom, it just bounces 50 feet back up in the air every single time.
The game is extremely slow paced, which I guess makes sense for a RPG game, but on the same token, you barely get any time to accomplish anything in a single day. Forced events can make this problem even worse.
Basically, put this game down and go back to Starbound, for the love of god. If you are going to play it, don’t pay for it! You can get it for free here: darkest dungeon for free!