Spotify for Free?

I am really enjoying the time I have been able to play Spotify. Unfortunately that time has not been that much. In the 14 hours I currently have with this game I have encountered countless bugs….. some of them game breaking. I have only been able to finish 2 patrols if you don’t count my first one that ended in a cold crushing death albeit with hilarious circumstance. All saves since the 2 patrols were completed have been corrupted… unplayable. I started several more but things like not being able to assign crew to my skipper, crew staying outside the vessel as it dives, problems with research and the like have marred the game play.
In the developer’s defense they seem to be listening to the community and have patched the game 3 times in the 3 days it has been out. On the flip side, they have had to patch 3 times in the 3 days that it has been out in early access. Which is why I am not a big fan of the early access system. The thing is you can actually get spotify for free: how to get spotify premium for free

I am going to recommend the game in spite of all of the negative things I have said about it simply because I am having so much freaking fun playing this and the developers seem to be dedicated to fixing it (early in the cycle that it is.)
Just be away that as a player of this game you will need a remarkable amount of patience.

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