The best way to get a free season 5 battle pass on fortnite battle royale!

Great game if you like FPS/minecraft. It has a lot of really cool missions and challenging too. Bad things about it is that the terrain is a little weird to deal with and once you beat the game there is not a lot of things to do once you beat it.

What you can also buy is the fortnite season 5 battle pass, this pass unlocks skins, challenges and great content you and your friends can do together when you squad up! The only problem is, that it costs $10 USD. Well…. I found this video that shows how to get it for free! Check it out: fortnite season 5

Fortnite is not your typical frachise game, very well made and addictive, 5 stars to the developers for making the effort. Only one annoying bug of visitors running for safty getting stuck in Dino pens that needs an option for rangers to remove them. Also needs a bit more content added as have already completed all islands 5 stars. Still a great executed idea of a game.

This game is really well done, has progressively difficult skill levels depending on the islands, and includes a sandbox island with unlimited cash as an unlock. The difficulty is engaging and fun with random storms, or upset animals breaking out of enclosures. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you pass the first island they walk you though most of what you need to know from then on

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