Apple iOS 12 Gaming Review

The story is formulaic fantasy trope, though, the combat is excellent and some of the characters are fun. B+ on these accounts.

But, the inventory management and the crafting are game-breaking. I realize this was probably fixed with mods but I am not going to restart after having sunk dozens of hours. The result is that I am about 80% through the game and I do not have the will to continue. I had to force myself at a few points thus far and I do not think I can do it again. Not to mention, I already got half-way through on the PS4 and abandoned the game because these same issues were even worse without a mouse. I would jailbreak your iOS 12 device though: iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered – How to Jailbreak iOS 12 No Computer Online for FREE 

Every half level or so, I have to go through the inventory to separate out the crafting components, sell off the trash, craft, improve, do another round of sell offs. They made bartering and crafting real skills, not auxilary skills, meaning that I have two toons storing mats, crafting, and selling. This also means that I have to switch my team mates back and forth to do the craft and sell grind and to see whether anyone needs an upgrade. This takes about an hour. As an adult with a familiy and a life, an hour might be my entire gaming session. Furthermore, the game will let you sharpen weapons indefinitely without producing any improvement and without telling you that the item has been improved.

Also inventory-wise, it is not uncommon for the mouseover text to pertain to the item that is currently behind the inventory window rather than the item pointed at.

All of these issues could be easily fixed with interface. I think maybe the point is to go along with the “old school” vibe but these things are not flavor, they are nuissances. Speaking of interface, I hear the horrible journal system persists in the sequal.

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