Elder Scrolls Blades is Amazing on the New iPhone XS Max!

well since i have completed the elder scrolls game many times,
without mods/ co-op with a friend.
still busy with friends vanilla and with mods ( not quite done yet ),
that this game is a great game for RPG fans and has a big replayability if you are willing to try different things
different starting characters/tactics adding some mods like double enemies and enemies in places that are empty
together with ofcourse some class mods that make this balancing and the rebalance mods that introduce mini bosses that are (when you kill them) a relieve and an achievement in it’s self with unique items
let’s not even talk about the mod crafting overhaul because it’s too much.

I am very much interested in the new ios and android game for mobile devices that is out now…. yes the new apple announcement today said the game is already out and there is a tutorial on youtube how to do it…. The Elder Scrolls Blades iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD – How to download ESO BLADES!

Definitely watch that tutorial if you want to play ESO Blades with me!

in short a great game and many replay abilities.

My wife and I are currently on a run through, my wife, my best friend, and I are all currently on a runthrough. I am on a solo run through. I am just loving running through this game. I’m a dwarf and my best friend is talking dragon. Friggin love this game gangstas.

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