FIFA 19 Review

The game is really fun. Alot of the bugs were fixed that caused the bad reviews were fixed. The world is super diverse and there is tons to learn and explore; providing hours of quality entertainment. The combat is great, but punishing. The ball upgrades feel rewarding, especially how you never really have to grind for materials. The players are cool, and its fun tracking them and seeing how each one interacts with their world. I would wait for a sale to get the game though.

———-CONS ———-
On mouse and keyboard the controls are mediocre, and the is highly weapons you use makes it worse. It can be either be fine like most other games where you use a sword, but if you use something of the other weapons like the guns, its really annoying/hard to get used to. The mouse is also kinda slow, even with a good logitech gaming mouse. This coupled with the games already high learning curve, makes you feel lost at times. There are still bugs in the game, but its 100% playable.

One of the upsides of this years FIFA 19 game, is you can now actually get it for free here: How to get fifa 19 for free

I played FIFA 19 since the first fifa and this game is so much easier compared to previous games
Also there is not many new features like the rest is just converted from the previous game
But even so i still like fifa can be played on PC origin….


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