Fortnite – Cross Platform Review

I was excited to go into this game, finally able to play Fortnite cross platform with my friends on the nintendo switch! All you have to do is watch this viral video on youtube: fortnite cross platform It will completely show you everything you need to play with your friends on any platform… oh and it’s a free method 🙂

Make sure to leave me a comment if it works for you! Anyways take a read at my Fortnite July Review!

Here is my Fortnite Review:

It was advertised as an open-world, story driven RPG. And for the first few hours, that’s exactly what it seemed to be. But then you get a bit further into the game and you realize that the ‘open world’ is a lie. It’s divided up into segments that are more or less level locked. There is zero freedom. The map is fundamentally empty, except for enemies that you will have to encounter in the same spots over and over again when you play this running simulator. Skill trees are useless, weapon rarities and upgrades mean very little. Combat is just shoot & build, and repeat. The abilities are cool, and fit thematically but in reality feel clunky to use.

Fortnite is an excellent game. You can make this game as easy or difficult as you like by means of the unique leveling system. By Unique, I mean it is tied to non-combat Xp harvesting. I’ll let you figure out what exactly I mean by that. I still have not completed it, but that is because I am taking an approach so as to kill the minimum amount of players. So far it is going well and the gameplay has me hooked 🙂 (Oh and I love the pump shotgun)


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