Fortnite on the XBOX 360?!?! WHAT? YES I GOT IT!

Guys you can get actually get fortnite on the xbox 360, very easily…. Just follow this youtube video:

He will show you how to do it for free. Simply just follow his steps and you can do it easily.

MY Fortnite Xbox 360 REVIEW

After six months of the community pleading with developers to fix the hacking problem – the developers have done little to fix the issue effectively. Love the game, can handle the bugs, terrible vehicle physics, and wonky shooting…but I can’t support a game that lets rampant hacking ruin other players experiences. I can’t beat auto aim/target snap, shooting through walls, speed hacks, and so on. Everyone has to play with the same bugs, but this is something worse. Don’t buy it; not even on sale.

Please listen to your communities pleas and do something about this instead of loot boxes, a new map, and other fancy features that don’t have a good overall impact on our playing experience. Ridding your game of hackers would by far bring back your community – if you wish to save the game, figure that out first.

Battle Royale

It’s not the first battle royale game. But it dose a better job than DayZ&H1Z1. This is also the reason why it created a commercial miracle: No better competing products compete with it 
However, after the occupation of the market, Bluehole did not do well in all aspects. For a company like Bluehole,
Suddenly there was a product that swept the world. They obviously did not do it in various aspects, compared to Valve or EA, Nintendo. In other words, it is very bad, because they do not have corresponding management experience. This seems to apply to China’s old sayin.
Perhaps, in the next game of Blue Hole, they will do better. But for this game, I can only give “very bad” evaluation.

Not recommend

It’s a successful commercial product, but not a good game. And now, it is the rapid decline in popularity. From my personal point of view, buying it now is not a wise choice, no matter how much it is priced.


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