Fortnite save the world – How does it compare to the Battle Royale??

Recommend to anyone who enjoys these types of game/played The battle royale free version of fortnite, Otherwise wait till a sale.

TLDR: Operation Genesis 2.0… Kind off, with a bit less stuff. 7.5/10

The campaign is fun, the game looks amazing and the classic case of “just a few more minutes” occurs over and over again.

The worst part for me is that you’ve GOT TO play the standard mode to get to the (rather small) Sandbox island. When you do get the sandbox island you only get to use to stuff you’ve unlocked SO FAR. There should be a true sandbox mode where I don’t have to worry about unlocking dinos or DNA mods.

the parks themselves are barebones. I feel like something needs to be added here to make them look less…. boring? empty? decorations or something or smaller facilities to fill in the gaps. also my biggest annoyance by far is how if the terrain isn’t 100% flat you can’t place a building there, which wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the map constraints didn’t force weird ledges and dips and when you REALLY NEED THE SPACE TO PLACE STUFF, even if the space is THERE, you can’t put anything down no matter how much you fiddle with it. I’ve also came across a video that shows fortnite save the world for free!

wow that’s a lot of complaining for a game I said I liked

like I said I’m having a lot of fun with it, despite ALL THAT. and from what I hear, frontier is a good company that sticks with their games. I also heard of free dlc coming out? so I’m HOPING that they’re working on these issues now, or at least adding in what they likely couldn’t fit in order to make the jurassic world movie deadline

if you don’t think too hard about games, if you’re just a big fortnite fan like me and don’t really care a whole lot, I think this game is worth it! I would’ve maybe liked the price to be 10 bucks less for how it is atm, but I was more than willing to pay for it

Also, no sleeping dinosaurs at night or aquatic dinosaurs? That was the problem with JPOG and it still is here… over 15 years later

10/10 would breed Rators and let them hunt smaller monsters again!

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