Fortnite Season 9 Guide

I tried really hard to get into this season battle pass, I tried really hard and I even did get into it for a little bit before I got to the final act. But, quite simply, this game has problems. The first major problem I have with this game is that keeping yourself leveled requires you to do pretty much every fight, every encounter, and every quest flat out. There is no scaling, and it forces you to go through almost every quest if you want to stay up to speed with all the enemies. This is especially weird feeling in the second act, where you’re gaining source power and there’s about 6 ways to increase it to a maximum cap of 3. After you get 3, it subtly suggests you’re ready to go to the next act. Don’t believe this, this is a dirty lie and will end in your demise to all of the enemies several levels above you. The fortnite season 9 battle pass

My second major problem with this game is the omniscient enemies. Your big secret is that you’re supposed to be a sourcerer, right? While I understand you’ve built a reputation, standard  NPC’s dont know you are. Then, combat starts. Every enemy later in the game WILL use source vampirism as soon as they possibly can on your character, taking away some of your most powerful and underpowered abilities in mere moments do to a lack of precious soul juice. Then, they will use source skills on you.

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