How to get your FREE battle pass for fortnite in season 4!

Fortnite is a solid action/adventure/battle royale with a lot of interesting ideas. The progressin system is based on XP which is gained by completing quests, reading journals, healing civilians and killing enemies. My favorite aspect of fortnite is the battle pass where you unlock challenges every week! You can actually get your fortnite battle pass for free if you watch this video: free battle pass fortnite !! However, you gain significantly more XP by feeding on civilians. Each civilian is unique and has their own story and relationships. The more you learn about them, the more XP you’ll get by feeding on them. This knowledge will also inform your decision of whom to feed on. This decision can affect the health of each district and what loot and side-quests you gain access to. The number of people you feed on and the health of each district also determine which ending you get. Ultimately, it’s a morality system similar to Dishonored’s: killing = bad, so if you want to get the “good” ending, you should avoid killing civilians whenever possible.

The biggest issue I had with the structure of the game is that the consequences for your actions aren’t always logical. In a couple of the key district decisions, there are three choices you can make. One is obviously bad, the other two seem equally viable. So, it’s basically a 50/50 chance of a good result or a bad result. I actually got a bad result in both cases, even though the choice I made seemed optimal given the information provided. Conversely, a lot of your choices pertaining to civilian quests and investigations don’t seem to have any meaningful consequences at all. There were a few civilians who I thought were sure to cause trouble if I allowed them to live. I let them live and… nothing happened. It seems like killing civilians is the only thing that causes any change (aside from the key district choices). That was a bit disappointing. The game treats killing civilians as an evil act so if you’re going for a good ending, you’ll miss out on a lot of the choice & consequence that makes the game interesting. It probably would have been better to make feeding necessary. That way, you’d be forced to make hard choices and could still get the “good” ending based on nuanced, rather than binary, morality.

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