How to get your own Mario Tennis Aces FREE KEY!

The gameplay is excellent until playing online with other people (Usually people with short attentions and anxt), this makes this game unbearable. Just not worth it. I would still play if the NPC computer install was harder.

No matter how many hundreds of titles one has in his Nintendo shop library, let’s face it: Mario is enough. Anyways here is how you get your free key code:

Simple game, infinite learning curve, endless enjoyment. Just, better play with friends on Discord rather than relying on the potential 13-years-old trolls matchmaking pairs you with.

I recommend this Mario Tennis Aces, solely because you can act in such a sarcastic manner with the different text messages you can send.

“Nice shot!” as the other team messes up a guaranteed goal.
“Close one!” As they accidentaly hit the ball into their own goal.
“No problem” as your teammate rams you hard enough to send you into the next dimension.. But we all know, it is a problem.
Soon, you will learn to hate that expression..

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