My ESO: Summerset Review

This game gets too much hate just because it had a rough launch. What game doesn’t have a rough launch, especially when we’re talking about Early Access… YES there are still bugs , YES there need to be some balance changes, YES they need to add some content. BUT remember that this is Early Access… The developers have been on top of this game like noone has ever done for any game, releasing hotfixes, bugfixes, balance changes and content (15v15) every day… Every-single-day…. This shows their commitment to make this game work… And the fact that every comment was negative and now its mixed shows how good their work is… Yeah it still needs much work to become a game that will hold its people but the devs are moving to the right direction, ALWAYS hearing what the players say. For me the fact that the action combat is missing was a big turnoff (hope they will add it soon) but once you get the hang of the combat system its all cool… GREAT storyline, I mean one of the best I’ve seen in an MMO in my opinion! Keep up the good work!!!!

Max Level Review
I understand the game is in early access, but it was released with many issues, which in my opinion is unnacceptable.

Lack of Content: After hitting the max level every zone has been explored through the main story, besides the enemy faction. There are two potential dungeons, but currently you have to wait for the developers to release a massive update in order to complete them due to their damage “fix” which made them impossible.

Stale Characters: Current characters have no exciting abilities. Just complicated buffs when changing stances. Get your eso summerset free key

Crafting: Very limited crafting items. At lvl 45 I have less than 10 items I am able to craft in Armorsmithing.

FPS: The current solution to this is to edit config files, independent of the game. Users should not have to do this.

Skill Chain: Can be very repetitive.

Poorly translated: The voices don’t seem to match the story in certain situations. Some skill tool tips are very confusing, and a couple that don’t make sense.

Pets: I already have all of the ones I want on the World Map besides one, the Spider.

Server Latency: Many times I’m standing next to someone and my ability wont go through.

Auction House: Can only sell items for a price in a range provided by the game.

Outdated Engine: Unreal Engine 3.

People want an MMO and with the initial release I heard in-game that they increased monster respawn rate. I’m not sure if this effected the Turban respawn rate (an item in-game that takes you to the Resource Dungeon), but there are way too many Turbans. Therefore there is an abundance of resources.

The first weekend players were able to play the game the dev’s released an update reducing damage by 66%. Making the game very grindy, and in some situations impossible to progress the main stories quest line.

The first week there was a bug where you couldn’t track quests if you had too many hunt quests. You’re limited to 75 quests and the hunt quests secretly affected them. Many players had no idea what was going on, including myself.

If this game was tested, it was not tested well at all. The quest bug was very common and if anyone leveled up to 45 they would have realized characters did too much damage.

This isn’t an early release, this is an open beta. You shouldn’t have to pay to test their game.

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