My Jurassic World Evolution Steam Review + How to get it for FREE!

Jurassic World Evolution is leaps and bounds better than I had imagined it could be when I purchased it. I have around 1000 hours in Ark survival evolved and if you’re looking for something new but with that same survival feel then this is your game. No mind numbing farming or glitchy NPCs. Fights with NPCs are exciting and refreshing with a Skyrim like battle system. Explore, fight, gather, build, and customise yourself to a strength only known by the gods. This game is very polished compared to it’s competitors. I’ve experienced no rubber banding on an official server PVP. The community is very friendly even PVP players will help you. The building system is clean and highly customised. I can see myself sinking serious hours into this game. Now onto how to get it for free, you simply watch this youtube video and follow the steps, it’s that simple.

For $40 I got 50 hours out of it so it was worth it, gets thumbs up rating. Just know going into it, this game is not finished. If you’re looking for a polished game with lots of content this isn’t for you. Jurassic World Evolution is pretty buggy, pretty laggy sometimes, and the main reason I ended up quitting after 50 hours is because the gameworld lacks content. The building and crafting and all of that is super in-depth and super extensive, and it’s one of the best games I’ve played that manages to mix the basebuilding and crafting of something like Rust with the PvE elements of an MMO. But once you get sick of gathering and crafting, there isn’t much else to do. The gameworld is vast but it lacks anything very interesting. I spent a few hours running around the map towards the end and it basically boils down to monsters that are way above your level, and monsters that aren’t. There’s a few bosses and whatnot but they’re not that rewarding and you’re not motivated to fight them a second time. There’s a trader city and it’s entirely just placeholders, there literally isn’t anything to do in the entire city. There’s like two traders that will sell you a mug of ale, and that’s it. Pretty worthless. A lot of the game feels like they started on it, and then before they finished whatever they were working on, said, “I’ll finish that up later.” Some of the game balancing is off and pointless as well. There’s really no main storyline or finished plot. I’m satisfied with my purchase but in the current state I won’t be playing the game any longer. I’ll put it on the shelf for a year and come back to it and see what progress has been made. I guess people say it has made a lot of progress in the past year so hopefully by next year it will be a lot better.

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