State of Decay 2 free key download? Yes you can!

Wow 8 hours flew by pretty fast. As I was churning away attempt after attempt trying to finish a complete run without losing I found myself in a trance only awoken by hunger.

This game is wonderful, the price is perfect for the amount of content.

I will start with pros

Pixel art is beautiful, I like the art style you can tell what things are and you don’t have to squint to make out objects.

The story isn’t really important, so I’m glad it doesn’t force you to read all the text in the beginning.

Controller support, this works extremely well and you can move some of the spells to preferred buttons

Gameplay! This is the selling point, you will feel like the Air Bender, or Bakugo, even Neji from Naruto the spells are amazing and combo certain spells to make your Wizard the greatest. Oh, here’s the video how to get state of decay 2 for free:

The spells have strengths and weakness so nothing is OP, the relics play a crucial role the cursed relics play a even more crucial part as you will be faced with temptation of greed.


Some bugs

Um not much on the Con side because there is nothing that made me feel that something was wrong.

What I think should be added

Steam Workshop, let the community make cool skins I would love an Air Bender skin with a staff

Community made mobs with custom dungeon assets

More content

All in all it’s a decent price, pick it up get about 100 hours of runs in and it will be worth the price. If they add new content then it’ll definitely be worth the price.

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