The Best Black Ops 4 Hacks!

With Black Ops 4 being released on Friday, there are already videos on youtube popping up with hacks and cheats for the zombies, blackout and general multiplayer!

BO4 is easily the best Call of duty yet!
Although it does not have the original characters in it as it is set before even the events of bo3 happened the story and combat are really well done. Very epic.
The game world is massive with tons to explore and discover.
And it all looks beautiful.

My Favorite part of black ops is the just general run and gun feel of the game, no stupid future stuff! Finally after 70 hrs I have completed the game. I finished all 3 major story arcs, most of the side quests and uncovered the map. Although I have had some major downsides with this youtube video, it does actually work for black ops 4: Black Ops 4 Hacks and Cheats

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. There were moments I felt that I didn’t make any meaningful progress. Most starting quests didn’t offer much XP and I found myself outnumbered and unequipped. Black Ops 4 is definitely one of the best cods right now, and with free aimbots available I really want to get in and just play 🙂

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